Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Believe (pt 1)

Anytime the weather warms up in my neck of the woods, pollen & stuff start flying, my sinuses get inflamed and I have to get on Ibuprofen (800mg). I can be on it 4x/day and go about my day like I always do, without any impairment.
I have a friend that ends up on the other end of the scale when she takes a 600mg tab in the evening. She hallucinates and when she finally falls asleep, has nightmares.
The Ibuprofen regimen works very well for me. Some doctor prescribed it years back. If it didnt work, I would have gone back for something different. Something that works.

I believe in God the Father, creator of heaven & earth, and his son Jesus Christ. On (most) sundays, you will find me at catholic mass. I love slow hymns. They put me where I want to be... mentally. I worship, give thanks, present myself to THE greater power.
I got here because my parents walked me into it. All my life, this path has worked very well for me.
Believing in God, trusting him, calling on him in good & bad times.
I've stepped back but not too far back to look at the path I'm on. As far as my eyes can see, this path makes my life worth living.
I pray that you find what works for you and makes your life worth living.
A fulfilled life is one that is worth living. Right?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Koti Tax

Immigration Officer: How was your stay in Ghana?
Visitor: I love your country!
Immigration Officer: I'm glad you enjoyed your stay. Did you have sex with a man during this trip?
Visitor: Oh yes I did.  mm  mmm mmmm! They are in a league of their own.
Immigration Officer: Thank you very much. That will be GH250 cedis per dick.
Visitor: Here's GH300.
Immigration Officer: Here's your change & receipt. Have a nice flight. Come visit soon.

The dialog above is what came to mind when I read this article. Couldn't resist.
Koti Map courtesy

The Bullying just wont stop

We are watching the grass suffer as 2 elephants fight.
My heart goes out to the people of Libya. I wish you'd fight your own fight. The "angel' that claims they are stepping in to help you, have their own agenda.

Thank you African Union for growing some balls and screaming for the madness to stop. It's not like anybody will listen anyway. That should tell you, AU, that the west has no respect for you. You better gather your own, come together and build a stronger Union.
A stronger African Union where you manage your own affairs and stay self-sufficient.
The west has been instrumental in picking off the visionaries for a United Africa. We will see those dreams & efforts go down the drain if we allow them to knock-off Ghadaffi.