Friday, February 3, 2012

Call Me Easy

All that chow just a few blocks away. I didn't stay away too long after my reconnaissance mission.
Round 1: Sashimi. The wasabi felt good!
Round 2: grilled salmon
Round 3: sushi
Round 4: clams, oysters, jollof-looking fried rice (quite orange-looking)
Round 5: more sashimi
Round 6: short ribs, chicken wings

I skipped the frog legs this time although they looked crunchy & inviting.
It wasn't until I was almost done working on my ice cream that I realized I had forgotten about the Mongolian BBQ.
Maybe next time.

I'll be sweating it all off this weekend with a smile.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I Should've Kept On Driving

I should've kept on driving. But nooooooo.
I just wanted to go in and check what kinda spread they had that's all.
With a name like "Great Wall Buffet", they sure would have a sushi bar and I'd been craving seafood all week!
I shouldn't have walked in. They had it all. They had it all I tell ya!
The sashimi had me lusting to the max. Salmon, tuna, makerel in thin slices.
Mongolian BBQ grill was calling out my name, telling me it had the spicy hot stuff I like. Stir-fry pork and jalapenos, in oyster sauce.
Forget the crab legs. I'm with the clams & prawns.

Only thing stopping me from getting a table now is the xmas pounds still hanging around. [Me + Buffet = No Holds Barred]