Sunday, December 23, 2012

Dicey December

Gas (petrol) is $2.99 a gallon today. The lowest it has been in 7 years!! Was once over $5/gallon in some areas. This is a big deal because prices go up during the holidays.

Gun violence touches a nerve. The Newtown, CT shooting hurt me more than 911 did.

Thankful for post-election peace in Gh & US.

It is official. I'll no longer do the "Happy Holidays" thing. I'm sticking to Merry Christmas!!

The world can learn a lot about TOLERANCE from Ghanaians. Christians & Moslems co-existing.

Whilst the Mayans were having a normal 12/21, "people" in The West were predicting doom once again.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Well Done!

Thanks to my people at home in Gh.
Love you all very much!!
I did not expect less but a few concerns about post-election peace got my attention.

So... the trend continues; When Democrats win presidential elections in the US, NDC wins in GH.