Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Left or Right

Studies show that people tend to turn right when they enter a room.

[I bet this will have you consciously trying to turn left anytime you enter a room. let me know how hard it is to not turn right.]

Some studies might seem absurd, but the results are useful. I had to take this into account when helping with the layout of a public showcase.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

If That Day Should Come

If That day should come
If a cloud of unrest should perch over Gh
Little disagreements, Big egos
If the civil structure you are building
Starts falling apart

What would you do?

Would you call for internal dialogue?
Or would you cry for external intervention?

If that day should come
I'd pump my brakes
take my hands off the wheel
and say "This is our GH. Let's work it out"
Think about it now and tell someone what you would choose.

Monday, March 19, 2012

When Karma Said "Hello"

I can laugh at the guy in my previous post because we are sort of connected - Just like him, I once answered the phone when Karma called.

A while back, I shopped for a warranty protection (insurance) on some appliances that were going to be heavily utilized during that summer.

I thought to myself: "Self, get the warranty and file a bogus claim that the appliances are not working well. They will service them, then you quickly cancel the policy and get your money back".
Then I though to myself: "Self, you know that's not cool. Just get the policy and keep it honest."
So I bought the policy and kept it.

10 months later, one appliance starts acting funny. I sumbitted a claim for repairs and no one called me back. I got no response to any of the numerous messages I left.
Guess what happened when I left a message that I was interested in renewing my policy? Someone  called me back right away!
All I did was laugh it off. I chose to not fight it. I didn't renew the policy and they didn't fix the appliance either.

Here's the final score
Me  1; Karma  1

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Chances Are

What would you say to a guy that stole a lady's purse? [Let's call him Thiefster]

Now consider these other circumstances. Thiefster steals a woman's purse and goes to a store to use it. The cashier looks at the card and recognizes her mom's name on it. She confronts Thiefster and he hussein-bolts away.
She calls the cops, reports the incident and gives them more than a detailed description of Thiefster. How? Thiefster was her classmate in school a year ago.

What would you say to Thiefster in this case? His time was up right? He certainly had it coming.

This must be what "they" call Karma.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Unsecure Security

Even if you haven't used an airport post 9/11, you must have heard of the advanced security measures that have now been employed.
Flying used to be fun. Not anymore.
What I miss most is being able to hangout with loved ones at their gate till they board their flight.
Now, no boarding pass, no gate-area-lounging.

So with all that going on, how on earth does a man end up on the wrong airplane?
C'mon man! I took my shoes & belt off to get through security. Whats up with the screwups?!? This is sooo not the same as Kofi Tawia getting a coke order mixed up with pepsi.