Monday, March 19, 2012

When Karma Said "Hello"

I can laugh at the guy in my previous post because we are sort of connected - Just like him, I once answered the phone when Karma called.

A while back, I shopped for a warranty protection (insurance) on some appliances that were going to be heavily utilized during that summer.

I thought to myself: "Self, get the warranty and file a bogus claim that the appliances are not working well. They will service them, then you quickly cancel the policy and get your money back".
Then I though to myself: "Self, you know that's not cool. Just get the policy and keep it honest."
So I bought the policy and kept it.

10 months later, one appliance starts acting funny. I sumbitted a claim for repairs and no one called me back. I got no response to any of the numerous messages I left.
Guess what happened when I left a message that I was interested in renewing my policy? Someone  called me back right away!
All I did was laugh it off. I chose to not fight it. I didn't renew the policy and they didn't fix the appliance either.

Here's the final score
Me  1; Karma  1


  1. Someone must have heard your first thought but dint hear when you decided to go honest.

    1. It was Mother Nature :-). She can't be cheated.