Thursday, March 22, 2012

If That Day Should Come

If That day should come
If a cloud of unrest should perch over Gh
Little disagreements, Big egos
If the civil structure you are building
Starts falling apart

What would you do?

Would you call for internal dialogue?
Or would you cry for external intervention?

If that day should come
I'd pump my brakes
take my hands off the wheel
and say "This is our GH. Let's work it out"
Think about it now and tell someone what you would choose.


  1. hmmmm... dont even wanna think about it but in case of any unrest, the internal dialogue will be a better idea. moreover, I agree with you on the "yes this is our GH lets work it out" idea. if we can win, then why should we loose?

    1. Nice to see you here Priscy. There are many including myself that would not want to think about it as you said. But when we do, we are likely to make intelligent choices if we should find ourselves in that corner.