Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Our Personalized English

The British have the Queen's english
Americans have their American english
We Ghanaians have our english too. No, not pidgin english.
I'm talking about the english that will make you smile at the very least.
Our english could make you burst out in laughter even when someone is talking serious matter.

We know exactly what "Don't bring yourself" means.
When someone says "I was tired like this!", you totally understand. No need to ask "tired like what?"
My personal favorite is  "I was sitting my somewhere and then......."

I love our english!

Well my lovely people. I'm going and come.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Frightening Question

At different times today, I overheard 2 conversations about the same subject.
It involved a curious kid plus a stumped parent in each instance.
Kid asks parent "where do babies come from".

There are numerous clean answers to come up with, it amazes me how that question scares some parents.

Since I'm so nice, I'm putting it out there so you can get a head-start to come up with a good clean answer before some kid asks you "where do babies come from".

How about starting with "Babies come from their mom's tummy".