Thursday, March 15, 2012

Chances Are

What would you say to a guy that stole a lady's purse? [Let's call him Thiefster]

Now consider these other circumstances. Thiefster steals a woman's purse and goes to a store to use it. The cashier looks at the card and recognizes her mom's name on it. She confronts Thiefster and he hussein-bolts away.
She calls the cops, reports the incident and gives them more than a detailed description of Thiefster. How? Thiefster was her classmate in school a year ago.

What would you say to Thiefster in this case? His time was up right? He certainly had it coming.

This must be what "they" call Karma.


  1. Replies
    1. Efua, kinda comforting considering your recent experience you blogged about.

  2. lol. This is more than Karma could do.

    1. That says something about the balance of "energy" in this universe, right?

  3. He had that coming. Every day for the day for the owner. :)