Friday, December 2, 2011

Your Money Back

Just the other day, there was a special report on an envelope containing money with a note, dropped off at Sears (department store).

The sender said he pinched $20 from a cash register at Sears decades ago, and the money in the envelope was the $20 plus interest.

Mom, if you are reading this, don’t start calculating interest on all the money I stole from your purse when I was growing up. I already paid you back. (I think I did).


  1. hahaha...get ready to pay. I heard that news and I was like, this is real repentance.

  2. hmmm i just my mum doesn't calculate all i have taken from her purse too..Brave move by the sender though..

  3. How about you declare how much you took and then I'll caculate the interest for you, taking into consideration of course the economic situation then and now.
    I'm sure the gentleman is walking around feeling like a heavy load's been lifted off of him. Nothing tops a free mind and a clear conscience, so fess up mister. How much did you take?

  4. @ Myne. I have no doubt he feels better about his life.

  5. LoL @ Didi.
    You're in the same boat huh?

  6. @ Efua Dentaa. Knowing you, after calculating the interest, you might even add penalties and late payment fees and all to it.

  7. Hehe. Your mom said to tell you the interest was compounded so you still owe :P

    1. Eish Etoile, compounded interest since wayyyyy back won't be a joke at all. LoL