Thursday, June 21, 2012

In A Different Style

Lucky me! I got an invite to join in on the 11's. Being as nice as I am, I'll flash it in a different style, with 5 things about me.
1. I will stop and ask for directions in a heartbeat! I won't waste my time driving around in circles contrary to what society says about men.
2. You will be sooo proud of me if you ever take me to a buffet restaurant. Oh yes! It will be money well spent. (But not to the extent that they kick us or me out for eating too much).
3. Despite #2 above, I really do not care about food. A meal a day mostly works for me.
4. Wet spots near my zipper when I walk out of the restroom don't embarass me - easy to catch water splashes from the sink due to my height. ("What were you looking at?" would be my question)
5.  I play soccer for pleasure but can't stand watching it. 1st game I ever watched from start to finish was 2 world cups ago.


  1. Let's hear a little more about your height and wet spots *raisedeyebrow*
    P.S. it's 11 not 5 *extremelyraisedeyebrow*

    1. Very funny Miss Efua. BTW, details on height & wet spots is rated PG18. May I see your ID, please?

      :-) I switched the game up a little. 5 is the new 11.

    2. I think 5 would do for now,hmm interesting lol

  2. Thanks for letting me know that i am not the only one of in the world who pig pig out for all-eat-you-meals.

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