Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Bullying just wont stop

We are watching the grass suffer as 2 elephants fight.
My heart goes out to the people of Libya. I wish you'd fight your own fight. The "angel' that claims they are stepping in to help you, have their own agenda.

Thank you African Union for growing some balls and screaming for the madness to stop. It's not like anybody will listen anyway. That should tell you, AU, that the west has no respect for you. You better gather your own, come together and build a stronger Union.
A stronger African Union where you manage your own affairs and stay self-sufficient.
The west has been instrumental in picking off the visionaries for a United Africa. We will see those dreams & efforts go down the drain if we allow them to knock-off Ghadaffi.


  1. True the western world has no respect for Africa and i guess they knowning,we know what they are upto has made them alil bit powerless invasion wise..I know 1 day GOD will Unite the Continent and we gonna be stranger than the so called G-Clans "G-8s or 20s"

  2. there`s been so much talk about Western involvement in what`s going on in Libya and their real motives but, they are still there. Seems there`s not much we can do to stop them. Maybe if Rwanda also had oil, they would have done something to stop the genocide. All I can do is thank God for the peace we are enjoying in Ghana and pray all other African countries will be able to enjoy some of the peace we seem to take for granted.

  3. Didi, we could get stronger but each step forward we take, one of our own slips and falls for their tricks and then sells us out. We need to be armed with details of how the west pillages this continent, and never forget that.

    Dentaa, you got that right!
    The Ivory Coast crises has been going on for how long now? It has been ignored and yet as soon as demonstrations started in oil-rich Libya, here go the US led air-strikes. They've been waiting for a reason to get into Libya since Ghadaffi got into power and increased Libya's exported oil prices.
    They talk about dictatorship? Puhlease! worst things are going on here in the US. Californians voted to not amend the constitution's definition of marriage. You'd expect them to say "ok the people have spoken" right? Noooo. didnt happen.