Monday, April 23, 2012

If I Could See Tomorrow

Scratch that.
If I were psychic, (Oh Lord!) I'd be passing out winning lotto numbers like an Alajo to Kaneshie trotro mate giving out change.
My fantasy would be to hit the jackpot of every lottery organization in the world. Oh, and I will make it happen. That would keep me busy enough that I wouldn't have time to set up shop reading palms at street fairs
What's the deal with psychics? How come they supposedly have this talent to predict stuff but have no clue what's in their future?


  1. Oh, that is such a good point. I never thought about it, but, yeah. If I have the ability to predict a winning lottery number, why would I work at all, much less at street fairs and the like.

  2. hahahaha...
    It's possible there are rules to being a psychic. There's this series I loved watching, "Charmed". It's about 3 witches. They had all these cool powers and they even had this book with cool spells in there. The catch was they couldn't use their powers for personal gain or there would be consequences. They could just use their powers to help others.

  3. There are rules alright. The main rule is to hold back laughter when the clien is totally falling for a ridiculous prediction. :-)

  4. I`m also tempted to ask, Why is the Lotto doctor not reach?? Why is the fetish priest who make people rich that broke??

    1. Exactly, DIDI.
      I wonder why people that patronize them don't ask themselves those questions