Monday, April 9, 2012


A magician performing at a kid's birthday party had a grown-up man spooked.

Magician wrapped an empty bottle in a newspaper & started pressing it up against the man's abdomen.
His other hand was against the man's back.
The trick:
He pushed the bottle through the man's beer-belly and pulled it out from his back.

I've been telling him it was just a trick but he still thinks it actually happened.
You don't fall for magic tricks, do you?


  1. Actually haven't seen any done (oh well expect thoz on tv)...but won't fall for any cos they are what they are..tricks.

    1. Tamie, I'm always trying to figure out the tricks when I watch magic shows. I felt bad once for outing a street performer & his accomplice. I got excited when I got it and couldn't keep it to myself. My big mouth.

  2. I don't fall for magic tricks, but I'm gullible in other ways. I tend to take people at their word. Why would they lie? Well, sometimes they do.

    1. It's not just you, Altheakale.
      Boarding school helped me a lot though. That's where I learned that some people lie for no reason.