Thursday, August 30, 2012

Baby Arrivals & "Stories"

Funny how people(I didn't say women) make so much effort to keep their first pregnancy a secret from extended family and friends.
A married friend of mine is pregnant but won't tell her Dad because he will let the whole world know. Her mom and siblings know but when baby comes they all will tell dad "we didn't know either".

I teased her and said I thought we were all good christians that don't lie.
LoL. Hard to live without a lie slipping out. I know I tried.
But there has got to be a way to live lie-free. Right?


  1. If her dad doesn't know, how did you get to know? *justcurious*

  2. LoL I was invited to the baby shower after-party.

  3. this is serious, even her dad does not know ...that means they have not seen each other for a while, that one is serious oh.

    I think our superstitious nature is to blame for this.

    1. Yea, could be the superstition factor.

      [Welcome to this little corner]

  4. I agree with Lara. So many people are just so superstitious.

  5. From her own dad? I have lost friends because of this 'secretive habit'. I can't understand/stand it.
    It just breeds distrust.

    It was good to see you on my blog TAI. Do come by more often :)