Friday, August 17, 2012

Not That Free

Freedom by its definition sounds like the best thing every living thing must have.
Anyone with any kind of freedom will be quick to recommend "you better get some too".
Yet the more freedom we have, the more restricted we are.

If you are reading this, you probably have a job. That's one of the signs of Progress we've bought into. However, you are not free to do with your day, whatever you choose.
We have freedom yet can't afford to do whatever we want.

I doubt that freedom is what we should be chasing in life.
I'd prefer Respect over Freedom anyday.
Respect my life. Respect my mind.
Do you put Freedom above everything?


  1. I so wish my boss would read this. "I Need My Freedom" :D
    Respect, definitely ;)

    1. hahaha. Good luck with getting freedom from Boss. It is their job to deny freedom. LoL

  2. lol i could hit him up for you Efua, Nobody`s free.

    1. Didi, for a small fee you could get Efua's boss to read this post right? :-)