Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Living Strong

Can I trust myself? The answer to that is yes. All day everyday.
People inspire me. Things I see daily, inspire me to do better.
However the path I take after being inspired is one I choose.

Just like many before him, Lance Armstrong's career success inspired many. He also survived cancer, came back to the sport and won some more. He started Livestrong (the yellow wrist band that started all other colorful wristbands). His foundation boosted cancer support. (Yay!!)
He wrote a couple of books that inspired many.

After all that, he gets charged for using performance enhancement drugs and today he is labeled a cheat, a fraud and a disgrace by some.
I have no doubt there are lots of others out there that still call him their hero.

People come and go.
I'm stuck with me.
Glad I trust me.


  1. yea yea... the only person you can trust apart from God is yourself.

    How you doing btw? Blessings

    1. True, God above all.
      I'm doing well my lady, thx

  2. hmm yes he did all that but i wont label him like the others,i`ll say he is only human.we should ask ourselves how many people are still keeping those skeletons in their closet.. yes i trust me but its a different ball game in the world of sports.

    1. True DiDi.
      Critics have been harsh on that human.

  3. Yep, Didi, it's a different ball game in sports and in life too. Secrets, we all have them and chances are someone might actually know about it.
    This is not an ad (well maybe a lil) but do come watch "Everyone has a Secret" 1st and 2nd December, 4pm and 8pm at the National Theatre. A play written and directed by Uncle Ebo Whyte.

  4. Doping scandal or not, I think Lance Armstrong is quite inspirational. Nobody is perfect. Even our heroes are fallible.