Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Art of War

Image Nations has reviewed a book that was useful to me when I first entered the corporate world. It was (and still is) a dog-eat-dog world I wasn't ready for but quickly got in the mix for the high worldly returns, and the thrill of clawing a top spot.
I learnt a lot from Sun Tzu's The Art of War that helped me deal with the harsh and highly competitive work environment. I have no doubt that anyone that reads it will pickup at least one tip to a better life.
Patience in battle - any type of battle, is what The Art of War helped me develop that I still use.

Take a look at Nana's outstanding review of this book.


  1. U either eat someone or be eaten. the choice is yours. :)

  2. hmmmmmmm... Heard a lot about this book but never got round to reading it. I prolly should just so I'll learn how to deal with the piranhas at work *justsaying* but there sure are a lot in my office smh