Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I was recently presented with an opportunity in a field different from my field of work. (Like asking a medical doctor to take over a pharmacist's job. About 70% different).
With nothing to lose, I accepted the offer and started looking into how to prepare for the necessary certification for national licensing.
I signed up for a "1 day exam prep", expecting it to be a rough-and-tough tutorial session. It turned out to be a study-by-yourself thing. Each of us got a booklet with questions and their answers, but we couldn't leave the room with the booklet though.
The catch: if you can memorize the questions and their answers, you are guaranteed to pass the exam.

I had no idea these type of "exam preps" were out there. Don't even know if they are legal! They advertise in the open and there are lots of institutions offering them so I'm guessing they are legal.

I passed the exam and I now have the license but not the knowledge to successfully complete a project... yet.
Makes me wonder how many more people like me are out there.

Would you attend any of these "exam preps" for the GRE, GMAT, MCAT, LSAT or professional certifications in fields such as Project management, IT etc?


  1. Congrats first..You can research and read so that you can cover the loopholes..

    its sad that things happen this way, dats why unemployment is high cos people cant stay on the job for long.. Its sad that in Nigeria most people cram/memorize lacking the understanding of the content being taught. I did experience same in high school and it caught up with me in university. Those prep schools I dunno how the government can catch them cos the students wont want to loose their license by reporting the school..

    All the best..

  2. @ Unveilinggold. It is a scary thought that a state exam is available in this manner.
    I personally won't be doing any hands-on work but I need to read and take a few real courses. That way, I will be in a better position to manage the techs and their work.

  3. This is sad but not new. what can one do?? most schools practice this, that's why some get into trouble when they are out of their comfort zone.Its 1 thing to learn to pass an exam and its another to really understand what you are doing. we have people like this in walks of life,guess that's just the way the cookie crumbles.

  4. @ Didi. It is sad indeed. The result is a watered-down workforce. I find it hard to believe this happens on the regular in a developed country.