Monday, June 13, 2011

The most evil of us all

We love them!
They draw us in with their angelic eyes.
Engage us with their innocent look and forever-cuteness.
We never see it coming. They capture our hearts and minds.
It is from this point onwards that they start messing with us.
Get angry at them? Doesn't even cross our minds. Why, we love them!

Come near them and they will find your soft spot.
If you are the kind that melts when you hear a different accent, fuhgeddaboudit!
Hearing someone speak Patois, French, Italian gets you excited?
You will be an easy catch because they will "goo goo gaa gaa" you all day long.

They are something else!  :-)
They know when to put on a good show too. Try changing a baby boy's diaper whilst someone has a video camera running. They never miss that chance to squirt pee all the way to your face.

Babies! They want what they want when they want it (selfish), will cry till they have their way (inconsiderate),
wont play with you even if you are blod relatives (snob, rude) and you better come running when they call (superiority complex).
You know there is so much more to say about them because I haven't even touched on that whole "puking-on-people" thing.

Babies are truly innocent. They are bundles of joy.
Babies are helpless. They don't know any better.
They look up to us and depend on us to love them, protect them and set them on the right path in life.

"Where is all this coming from?" you ask?
I look around and as adults, we do some bad things.
However, some adults do extremely evil evil evil things.
Maybe they never changed since they were babies. That makes those evil adults the worst of us all.


  1. very nice..I like the last paragraph..

  2. Doesn't that just make you love 'em?
    For those adults that want to remain babies forever... hmmmmmm... their time will come!
    Great piece.

  3. Thanks Didi.
    Good to have you back. :-)

  4. Thank you very mcuh Enyonam. Welcome.

  5. Hi Unveilinggold. Thanks and Welcome to this joint.

  6. Efua, the scary part is that we have to share this planet with them for a while.

  7. Certainly, Myne.
    Thanks and Welcome.

  8. Etoile Oye, I started getting ready for the outdooring. :-)