Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Symbols & How They Affect Us

I find it interesting that some Atheists claim they are emotionally traumatized at the sight of the World Trade Center cross.
When I see symbols signifying other peoples' religions, faith or even lifestyles I do not believe in, they don't "injure" me in any way.
If I don't believe in something, I just don't believe in it and can't be bothered by it. I don't even thing I have a high tolerance of displeasure anyway.

Makes me wonder if the atheists claiming to be experiencing physical symptoms upon seeing the cross believe in what it stands for somewhere in their hearts and minds? ..... Just a tiny likkle bit?

Anybody out there reading this actually get bothered on seeing a cross or other religious symbols? I'm curious.



  1. This is the first time I am hearing this. Though I am between thoughts regarding religion, I am not affected by any religious symbols. I am more affected by symbols of inimical power, like the Nazi symbol and the white South African Party's Nazi-like symbol.

  2. Nana, taking the Nazi sign you mentioned into consideration, I can see how it is possible for symbols to evoke strong emotions that could result in physical symptoms.
    Intensity might be dependent on personal experiences.