Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Wish That Almost Came True

I once wished upon a star for a bigger body.
So did 2 other friends.
We mapped our own path.
Budweiser and milk for breakfast,
Farina & deep-fried fish for lunch. Guinness to make it settle.
That & zero portion-control usually brought on an undesired afternoon nap.
The nap resulted in long nights and no cut-off times for late-night meals.
Yes indeed! Fatty food tastes so good when eyes are half-shut.
Exercise? Check!
An hour a week at the gym! (Had to get those 'ceps temporarily perky on saturday nite before hitting the club).

We found out how fast the belly can grow!
That got all 3 of us back-pedalling on our wish before it was fulfilled!

(was at a party last weekend and the MC picked on the men there with pot-bellies. Gave them a good roast! Glad I wasn't one of them)


  1. Your posts are always for humorous. I laughed through reading this. Yes, fatty food tastes good when you're sleepy and pot bellies are not fashionable. lol

  2. Thank you Kiru. :-)
    LoL you've uhm "heard" about yummy fatty late-nite foods too.

  3. Mena, hawt doesnt even begin to describe me. Sweetie, I sizzle!
    Hahaha I'm just playing. That was a joke.
    I'm just average. ;-)

  4. I could have something to say about the sizzle part. hmmmm... Maybe fluffy will help me out :o)

  5. OMG Miss Efua. What would it cost to buy your silence on this one? LoL

  6. Be careful what you wish for,glad you back paddled the plan. Thanks for the Birthday wish,haven`t been on your blog in a min..I`ll be back fully."terminator`s voice"