Saturday, November 12, 2011

Emotions & Reactions

Once again, news outlets in GH are having a field-day with homosexuals. Super annoying because I rarely hear any constructive discussions.

No one deserves to be denied their human rights.
How do you deny someone their human rights? One way is by chastising them and angrily backing them into a corner. That should NOT be done to anyone. Not because of their color, language, country of origin, and certainly not because of their lifestyle which involves consenting adults.
That is who they are.
Adults. Just like you.
Consenting adults in relationships with each other. Just like you.

You may abhor what they do, but don't hate the human being.
Discriminating against them causes them emotional harm and puts them at risk physically also.

Note to Christians.
Christ said to love each other as he has loved you.


  1. Christians are not the only Culprits here,most religious bodies are....You make sense though. Their Life,Their Choice...

  2. I don't condemn the people, but i sure do condemn the act. The Bible is against it, though I'm not too versed in the part of the scriptures that addresses it. I won't get into an argument with anyone on this topic though. I no fit give myself headache.

  3. Christians are not the only ones against this...It is actually mostly a cultural reaction for most people. Cultures do not support same sex relationships and the religion is there to back them up.

  4. There actually are two issues here. The fact that Ghanaians don't particularly (scrap that), don't at all accept homosexuals and the fact that the West is trying to make us accept it by force.
    Yes it is remarkable that we standing our ground and refusing to jump just cos the British Prime Minister asked us to "cos of money" but I really wish it was on another issue.
    It's good to be independent but really, we should find something else to start our independent march.

  5. Altheakale, you understand the difference between the two.

  6. Didi, True. However, I mention Christians here because it irks me when people DISCRIMATE against homosexuals and justify their abuse of homosexuals with bible verses.
    The bible does not condone discrimination, and does not condone abuse of another human being either.
    Yep. Their life. Their choice.

  7. Che, You separate the 2. I wish everyone would too.
    There is too much harm in condemning the person whilst condemning the act. (e.g. newspaper publishing names of gay people. That sets them up as targets. Some of them got killed).

    FYI, I dig your blog

  8. Lara, I wonder what drives people to say their culture doesn’t support same sex relationships. There has got to be a reason right?

    Welcome to this spot, Lara. Come by anytime.

  9. That’s right, Toinlicious. To each their own.

  10. Dentaa, Respecting the human rights of every human being including homosexuals & legalizing homosexuality are 2 different things that keep getting mixed up.
    Respecting their human rights means don’t pelt them with rocks or insults when you see them walking down the street together.