Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Karva Chauth

A new friend (co-worker), told me about Karva Chauth.

A few years ago when she decided to fast for her husband,

he was totally against it. He said it was not necessary.

She insisted and went ahead with it.

He appreciated the gesture.

She still fasts for him once a year.

Can't wait for some woman to fast for me! I hope that's the day we have fried yam & grilled salmon for breakfast, lunch & dinner. More for me!

On a serious note, Karva Chauth seems to help strenghten the bond between married people. Key word here is "seems".

I have a hard time allowing people to do things for me, I'll say she is crazy if a woman wants to fast for me.

What do you think of Karva Chauth? Would you fast for your husband to show you love/adore him and you want him to live a long & healthy life for you and the family? Would you be OK with your wife fasting for you?


  1. The father of my first child fasted for me in hopes that I would accept Jesus Christ as my savior. This irritated me, and seemed more like a campaign to get me to change my fundamental beliefs..

    I would do almost anything for a man I Iove, but I wouldn't fast to show my love. If fasting would save his life, or even my next door neighbor's life, I would do it.

  2. this post just confirms 1 thing & 1 Thing only,that is "FAITH".. With "FAITH",even if you skydive to get a husband or wife you will..

  3. Fast for a man? em, maybe if he were dying! kidding, but seriously, i have ulcers and fasting aint too good for that.

    Nice blog!

  4. @ Altheakale. Did he remind you often that he was fasting for you to change? I can see how that can be unnerving because to me, fasting as an addendum to prayer, should be a very personal & private thing between individual and God. I have always been catholic. (I identify more with the post vatican 2, early charismatic catholic).

    Ok, back to fasting to express love.
    You wouldn't do that because ...?
    I dont think I would either. Only because there are numerous ways to express love.
    BUT, it might depend on the woman. If thats what the-woman-I-can't-live-without needs, I'll fast for her. (fyi; for now, she is a figment of my imagination)

  5. O Didi. You must have heard about the sky diving couple & the video they made. :-)

  6. Welcome hugs @ Aseni.
    Ulcers huh? Well, that rules karva chaut out for you. Any idea how far you'd go & what you could do to express love?

    I'll be at your blogspot shortly.

  7. Lol @ your wife making sure to fast for you when the menu for the day is fried yam and grilled salmon. :-D. Yep, I could totally fast for my husband. First time here and following.

  8. Think-About-It: He did remind me. I agree that fast is a personal thing between the person and god. I fast on Yom Kippur, and it makes me feel more spiritually focused, but it is not something I talk about through the day.

    And I also agree, that if the man I loved wanted affirmation in fasting form, I would do it.

    For the record, I'm a fan of Jesus, but that too I feel to be personal.

  9. Yes! I would fast for my husband to show him my love when the need arises. and we can even fast together even, to make the bond stronger.

  10. Fasting together may be better, no? I'm not a big faster, but I can do it when necessary. Last word emphasized.

  11. How about eating for you? That ways I can enjoy the fried yam and grilled salmon for you to show my love :o)

  12. Welcome Che!
    :-) I love fried yam

    See you at your blogspot

  13. Altheakale, it is true things mean more when done by free-will.

  14. Priscy & Myne, I'm curious about the suggestion that husband & wife could fast together instead. Is it about keeping scores?

  15. Oh Efua! Lol. Leave my fried yams alone

  16. I could fast for my husband. Not because i wanna show him i love him but because i love him.
    He doesnt even have to know i'm fasting for him. Like you said its a personal thing.