Monday, October 31, 2011

Marriage Counselor For a Day

I've got a solution for preserving a marriage.
I haven't tried & tested it yet. Its just an idea.
If a couple want to stay together, they should work in the same office.

They will have to follow the following rule though: Always have lunch together. Just the 2 of them.

I noticed a couple at work do that.  I applaud them.
I'm guessing that if they should get angry at each other in the AM, they will have to make up by lunch time so they can enjoy their lunch together.
If they get angry at each other in the PM, they will have to make up before bed time so they can munch on their errrm dessert. counselor

Clean strategy. Right?


  1. lol... clean strategy? Wrong! If I was your wife and I got mad at you before lunch time, I'd make it a point to have lunch with the finest guy in the office and I'd be so all over him. You'd have to see that cos we in the same office and boy would that make you jealous and more upset.
    If I got angry with you after lunch, trust me, you would so go to bed without your errrm dessert and I'm guessing that would so frustrate you.

  2. lol @ your comments Dentaa, and i bet you will be receiving some nice blows oo!. I think talking about issues and solving them is the best option any day and time.

  3. @ Dentaa. If you & I ever get married I'll make sure our co-workers are all ladies.
    You are sooooooo bad.

  4. @ Priscy. You know whats interesting about your comment? You said talking about issues & solving them is always best. The woman I'm talking about talks a lot! The guy, not so much.

  5. heheheheheehe @ your strategy. In a situation whereby hubby and wifey can't work in the same office nko. What happens then. I agree with Priscy. Communication all the way.

  6. Che, when husband & wife cant work in the same office, they will need a real real shrink. Not a fake one like me. :-)