Monday, October 24, 2011

R.I.P. Colonel

May God have mercy on your soul and give you a resting place by his side.
You had your faults but you did more good than you get credit for.
If you were that bad, how did Libya maintain the following under your 42 year rule
- highest nominal GDP per capita in Africa
- most favorable doctor/ patient ratio on the continent
- infant mortality rate of 15 per 1000 births
You must have been doing something right!

Thanks for RASCOM!
I was looking fwd to seeing the plans you had for a self-sufficient continent. Especially the bank.

May the souls of sons & daughters killed during this uprising, rest in peace.


  1. Thank you for this tribute. There is usually more than one side to any story.

  2. Thats right Myne.
    If only we were not so easily distracted by everything else in life, we would make more time to seek both sides of stories that matter to us.

  3. Great post,Myne is right and for me i believe every story has 3 sides..your side,their side & the truth. :)