Sunday, October 2, 2011

Monday Monday

Happy Monday to you!
Whatever comes at you today, get yourself to not stress about it.
I read that heart attacks occur mostly between 4am to 10am on Mondays.

If you are able to curb the stress during that time, just stay on that wave and keep saying buh-bye to stress.

(I havent seen the raw data for that study but it sure is a good reminder for me to take it easy on Mondays)


  1. 4am to 6am, I'm asleep. 6am to 7am, I'm getting ready for work. 7am to 8am, I'm on my way to work and getting entertained by Kwaku Doe.
    8am to 10am, that's when I stand the highest risk of a heart attack cos that's when I see my boss at work. He just has this way of working my last nerve without even saying a word. Matter of fact, I'm at risk of a heart attack every week day between 8am to 5pm (that's my own private study).

  2. Ironically enough, I really like Mondays. I consider each one a fresh start!

    Love Efua Dentaa's study, lol!