Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I'd Be On It!

There was a segment on my local TV news about a woman who seemed upset that her husband wanted her to look like and act like the hot & talented Shania Twain.

I asked myself: "Self, what would you do if your wife or girlfriend asked you to be exactly like her favorite superstar?"
My first response will be "how soon?"

Who ever it is, I'm doing all it takes to be that person!
Can you imagine the benefits? OMG
You know how fans scream, cry & do all that crazy stuff when they see the superstars they love?
I'll show up at her office everyday just for kicks. I can see it now; she'll be screaming & crying as I walk up to her.
All I need to do is hold her hand and she'll pass out. Then I leave. "See you at home honey. Denzel loves you too!"
I'll wink at her co-workers on my way out and whisper "Yep! I'm da man!"

Anytime she gets mad at me, I'm quoting a line from her favorite movie or something and she'll melt in my hand.

Of course, I'd be dating an intelligent woman so her favorite superstar wouldn't be some crazy cat I wouldn't even want to be in the same room with let alone act like.

Would you laugh in your partner's face is he/she made such a proposition? Or would you feel hurt?


  1. I'll laugh because I won't. I can change habits but I can't become like another person. Some who all believe to have a certain kind of personality which they don't. Say you want me to be like your favourite actor, if that actor abuses his wife, should I also abuse you? lol. Uniqueness and its appreciation is key to a successful relationship. No one can look/be like another. You can only be yourself.

  2. The abuse part made me think of Ike Turner and how women still loved him!

    A fantasy like that is bound to crash at some point though. But the ride could be fun!