Tuesday, April 26, 2011

GH Parliament Members & Their Levels of Education

Reading quotes & comments by some of our MPs usually leaves me curious about their levels of education.
It turns out a number of them have "gone to school aaaaa fine".

We don't really have a complete picture since some of the MPs (a few loud ones) excluded education info from their profiles.

I value formal education. I don't think it would be too much to ask that members of our legislative branch have at least a Masters degree before their 1st day of work as MPs. 

Do you care what qualifications our MPs have? Should level of education be used to screen prospective MP candidates?


  1. unfortunately, we don't know anything about that. they just put a bunch of people there for us to vote for and we do usually because of the party they belong to.

  2. Formal education is not that important in a leader. Some master and PHD holders singularly caused the economic recession.

    Infact if you look at some of the worldleaders they didnt have the opportunity for formaleductaion and yet the system that exists in their country enabled them to still excel in their field of endeavours.

    I believe in results,i if an MP doesnt achieve any result,kick him out whether he has a masters or phd or no formal education



  3. Yes Efua Dentaa. Hopefully, we will start seeking more in the quality of candidates presented.

  4. Mena, I agree with you that having a PhD or masters doesn't automatically mean one will excel in a task they qualify to do.
    However, we are still doing the "trial and error" thing with electing officials and we can't seem to get far quickly enough.
    Level of education would be a good way to screen candidates.
    It works in the private sector and will work in govt too.
    If you are selecting a family doctor, which of these two unknowns would you choose?
    #1 The one that says in her profile that she is a gifted doctor and promises that she knows what she is doing.
    #2 The board certified MD.