Thursday, April 21, 2011

Only in Ghana? Not at all.

Apparently, the universal trick to get more gas (petrol) into your car’s fuel tank, is to rock the car a little while filling up. This makes the fuel act like sand, settling tightly at the bottom of the tank thereby creating extra capacity that wouldn’t have existed otherwise.
All these years, I thought Ghana taxi & tro-tro drivers were the only ones privy to this classified info. I should have been silly and asked the man at the other pump this morning what he was trying to achieve.


  1. I wonder if the taxi and tro-tro drivers in Gh know the scientific background to what they do. They probably know they creating more space but might not know why. Whatever it is, it sure does work for them.

    Does it really work though? Even if it does, I doubt if I'll be caught dead rocking my car for more fuel to get in. Why don't they just use up whatever fuel's got in and fill it up when it goes down? Does it in anyway save money? If it does then I just might try it. I'm all for saving money.

  2. Nooooo. Please don't try it.
    The petrol tanks don't have any secret compartments so I think its funny when people rock their car a little thinking they can get more fuel into the tank.