Friday, April 8, 2011

I Believe (pt 2)

I am still working on me.
For any task I take up, there is a purpose. Possibly a timeline for completion as well.
I'd also know what indicators would signify successful completion of the task.
I have thought about my life and my purpose here on earth. I haven't totally figured mine out yet so trust that I won't be imposing my views on anyone. However, if you ever find yourself in a bind I've been in before, I'll tell you what works for me.
There has got to be a reason why I am here on this earth and there certainly is something expected of me.
The basics I have come up with are these two;
Treat all human beings as I'd want to be treated & make the most of each breathing moment I have.

What would make my day? Being at peace with myself and knowing I have been productive by the end of the day is what would make my day. Both of these go back to the two basic points I mentioned since being at peace with myself would mean everyone I interacted with throughout the day was uplifted somehow by our interaction, as much as I was.

I wonder if i'm alone in thinking this way.

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