Sunday, April 17, 2011

How important is education?

A formal education broadens our horizons. Granted that some teachers are not educators and have no business being in a classroom, what we gain in school is significant and shouldn't be down-played.

If someone is picked and appointed to head an office based on their expertise in the matters handled by that office, I can excuse that. However, I'd expect that person to have a good grasp of the primary language used in conducting business. If the language errrm escapes them every now and then, I'd suggest they get a translator. UofG graduates a bunch of linguists every year.
Why do we have MPs that can't speak english very well? It reduces my confidence in how effective they are at doing their job. How do they ensure that contracts, policies etc are properly written?

I can imagine that is is easy to resort to insults and name-calling when one doesn't have enough vocabs to hold intelligent discussions/ debates. That could be the reason why our politicians act the way they do.

I'd love to see Ghana do more in educating our children.


  1. funny you shd say this. It is a favourite past time of myself and a friend of mine to watch this prog on GTV where Ministers or is it parliamentary select committees meet representatives from some government organisations (pls do forgive my ignorance. I just love the prog not for its content but for the ridiculous stuff I hear there). You should see and hear these parliamentarians/ministers display their ignorance on issues that even my 1 year old niece(jst kidding) wld have an idea about. And as for the English, my God, let's just say they seriously lack vocabs. I really do wonder how some of these people are appointed into office and how they are able to function there. As for the MP's it is us that vote them there ooo. Maybe their parties should supply us with more competent people for us to vote. Btw, I do hope there is a criteria for the selection of candidates for the MP elections and I hope this criteria includes proficiency in English language.
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  2. I just upgraded your membership status so you have no limit on number of characters. LoL

    It happens in other countries too but since Ghana has a long way to go and we have very little margin for error, I expect better of our people in authority.

    The sad part is that there are intelligent & classy people that would serve the country very well. However, they do not want to be associated with those that are loud and resort to insults at the least chance. For that reason, they do not bother getting involved in politics.

  3. Yep, you are right. There a lot of very qualified intelligent people with great ideas out there but unfortunately none of them want to get dirty in this game we call politics (it appears it is quite a dirty sport).

    hahahahahaha... yay! thanks for upgrading my membership. Now I can write a post within a post without feeling guilty about it.