Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dream Date With An Entertainer

If I could travel in time and spend a day with any entertainer, I'd chose to spend it with Bob Marley.
I'd want us to meet in Ghana.
We would start the dayout sitting on the porch at the house where I grew-up.
I'd tell him how my friends & I would sit out there listening to his words of wisdom. The good times.
I'd play some of my favorite reggae songs and find out the ones he likes.
Aburi would be a good place to go for lunch but we won't go there. He might catch a whiff of his wife and leave me hanging.
I'd love to ride with him in a canoe on the Volta river southbound.
He'd surely be inspired and play some songs.
The conversation would get deeper from here on as he tells me where his music comes from.
I'd ask him if the "Smile Jamaica" & the Zimbabwe independence concerts were the greatest things he ever used his music to serve.
We'd wrap the day up on a beach in Ada drinking coconut juice & playing soccer.

If you could travel in time, and had the opportunity to spend a day with an entertainer, who would you choose?


  1. ok, when you wrote "wrap up" i was frightened of what would follow :-). hmm, from the way you describe your date with the king of regggae (who i love myself, though i wonder why it is a date) i'd probably hang with him too. lol.

  2. I would choose a day with Fela Anikulapokuti!

  3. I think that I would like to walk around NYC with Ibrahim Ferrer....exploring....No big plans. Find some dive to eat when hungry, talk to people, find art and music, ride the subway when tired.

  4. Perhaps I would also go for Fela Anikulapo Kuti...

  5. Dream date with an entertainer???? I would love to hang out with GRACE MADONNA!!!. I had a huge crush on her and even told my old man i would like to marry her when i grow up. All he said was Grow Up and shes all yours,so now i`m grown & would not like to marry her but hanging out with her for a day would be awesome. would be nicer on her Brithday coz we share the same birthday. U do know that if U hang out with BOB u gonna SMOKE right?? ..lol *runs away*

  6. Nana Yaw, I tried to keep the post "PG13" but we sure would light-up some of that Volta-irrigated "spice".
    I'd save a spliff for you and not tell anyone. ;-)

  7. Fela! That's another icon.
    Mykey, thanks for visiting. Come again.

  8. Altheakale, first time hearing of Ibrahim Ferrer. I looked him up on youtube and I'm enjoying his music. (my Celia cruz album will soon have some competition)

  9. Nana, a day with Fela would be a day well spent.

  10. Come back Didi. Dont run away. LoL
    The herb kinda scares me but it would be an honor to puff something nice with Brother Bob.