Thursday, July 21, 2011


All my life, I had an incomplete understanding of "Humility".
I had one interpretation of it in my youth, and sped into adulthood with it.
I was a humble young man because I socialized with anybody I met, regardless of background.
Nothing could stop me from comfortably hanging with people
in places where others would be surprised to see me.

I am older now and I have learned that Humility is more than that.
One aspect of humility I am working on for me is to submit to reason and the good of humanity.
Shed that "You-can't-teach-me-a-darn-thing" attitude.

How do you define humility?


  1. humility feels calm because Idon't have to pretend to be in control. I am open to unexpected teachers and lessons...

  2. For me, humility is knowing you can't always be right and accepting it when you are wrong.

  3. that's a great lesson. There's a lot to learn. Life ceases to be fun the moment you think you know it all. thanks for sharing

  4. Humility, to me, means not seeing urself as being too polished to interact with certain people and not being a know-it-all.

  5. @ Altheakale. "... pretend to be in control." I feel the same way about life. It took a gentle "lightening bolt" for me to realize I'm not the man at the controls.

  6. @ Efua. Thats humility. Especially when there are misplaced consequences for accepting when wrong.

  7. @ Enyonam. Now, I use those 2 plus a few more when I define humility.