Monday, July 18, 2011


As the years go by, I am convinced more each day that we are part of a system that has an equilibrium.
That must be why we don't always win all the time.
It is just the scale balancing out when I lose out on something precious. It must be someone else's turn to get it. Not my turn yet.
When I get a huge unexpected discount on something at the store, it must be that equilibrium.
An inbalance occurs when I keep more to myself than I'm supposed to, but someway somehow, equilibrium gets restored. Either through voluntary acts or it just happens
Somethings we just can't explain, but this is my basic visualization of how things work around me.

According to, equilibrium is "equal balance between any powers, influences, etc.; equality of effect."

A friend of mine recently agreed with me on my basic model but didn't like it as much anymore when I added that God is the one maintaining that equilibrium.

I'd like to know the most fundamental model you have, that expresses your view of how things work around you.


  1. My dear I dont think that deep o. But what I have been consiering lately is karma...whatever you do to others will get done back to you, I cant write as eloquently as you do on it but I have seen to many examples in this life

    Hope my comment made a bit of sense since its not exactly answering your question


    p.s:your thoughts needed here ;)

  2. Interesting thoughts. It reminds of a lot of laws and theories in physics and chemistry, like Le Chatelier's Principle, like the laws of conservation of energy etc.

    I share similar belief but I also do ask: what happens to those who execute wickedness but live in luxury and die a quiet death?

  3. Mena, you do think deep. Karma on your mind is proof of that.
    The balance of energy I'm talking about here is along the same lines as what we describe as Karma.
    The same basic thought, but different names. Unfortunately, we get hooked on names & labels and lose the fundamental reasoning behind them.

  4. Nana, I have that same unanswered question too. However, as time goes by, I realize that some people are able to cover up their internal pain and suffering so well that it is not noticed on the outside. just like one of the proverbs you posted recently; When you sleep in the same room with a king, you will find out that they sigh too. (or something like that).