Monday, July 25, 2011

I Need to Stop

I need to stop telling people to “work hard”.
It is one of many phrases that auto roll off my tongue when wishing someone a good day at work.
Working hard isn’t the best way to get the work done is it? I don’t think so.
Work efficiently. Now that's the ticket!!
To me, work hard means keep working at all times and never take a break for anything! You know, army bootcamp style. “Work hard” was pressure on me.  
“Work hard” has been good to me though.
I needed “work hard” because “work efficiently” sounds so weak, I would have walked all over it in primary school and college . It sucks that I must retire it from my vocabs.
Maybe I shouldn’t retire “work hard” just yet. Just in case I have a knuckle-headed kid like me someday, I’ll teach him to work efficiently. But I’ll have “work hard” and its pressure on stand-by just in case the rascal plays more than he works.
Happy Monday to you! Work efficiently. J


  1. Excellent post! Indeed, working efficiently is the right way to go. People work hard but fail to achieve their goals - as a result of using ineffective approaches. Thank you for providing a very important and motivating post for the week.

    You rock! Happy Monday to you too.

  2. Thank you very much Enyonam. YOU Rock!

  3. I laughed as I read this. But you're correct. 'Work efficently' should be the mantra but then again you don't want to encourage laziness, do you? :o))

    Great post.

  4. Hi Kiru. :-) Glad I made you laugh.
    Ya know, considering how lazy I was is the only reason I'm thinking twice about totally scrapping that phrase. I will reserve the right to use it on anyone that plays too much ... the way I used to.