Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I tried. I lied.

3 weeks ago, a man I was listening said the best advice he will give his children is "always look a man straight in the eyes when you speak, then speak the truth".
Later that evening I decided to go the next day without telling a lie.
Not even an itsy bitsy lie. Zero lies. No lies even if someone's life depended on it.

Next day came.
I managed to remind myself in-time in some situations and spoke the truth.
E.g. Someone asked about a report I was supposed to complete & send out that day. I was about 99% done and would have said "I'm done". I caught myself before speaking and decided not to lie about it.

I gave up before the day was over though. A friend asked what my plans were for the weekend. I knew what direction the conversation would go if I said "Yes". I didnt want to go in that direction so I consciously lied.
It will take some work for me to get to a stage in life where I can live without ever telling a lie.

Can you imagine living each day without telling a lie? Are there some instances that make it ok to lie?


  1. lol... at least you tried. I think it's ok to lie sometimes. I do it all the time. Sometimes just to spare the feelings of the other person. It's not right but hey, it's easier than telling the truth.

  2. I know. It is much easier to lie sometimes. Especially in situations where the lie can temporarily simplify a complex situation.

    Since I wasn't able to go a day without telling a lie, I can't expect anyone to always tell the truth.