Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Woe! Woe! Woe! (was that dramatic enough?)

According to one group's calculations, the day of rapture described in the bible is May 21, 2011 12:01am standard time.
One of the main guys behind this revelation/ calculation is Harold Camping.
He also runs a non-profit radio program that depends on donations from listeners.
Listening to his program yesterday was interesting as he seemed to fumble in responding to one of the callers.
The caller asked that how come his program is still soliciting funds if the rapture is 4 days away?
His response: "We still have to pay our bills. We will be paying our bills till the very end".

I am not laughing because quite a number of people are actually giving money away to the needy. Just slightly worried about those making sure they spend their life savings by May 20th.

Ok, I lied. I chuckled a bit at the "we will be paying our bills to the very end" part. Couldn't resist.


  1. I better stop work on my thesis then. No point stressing myself out. Come to think of it, I should withdraw all my money from the bank and blow it.
    On a more serious note though, the day will definitely come. How prepared are you?

  2. I believe the time will certainly come. It could come before I finish this sentence. It could also happen May 21, or even December 1. I don't believe anyone knows for sure and that is why planning for May 21 sounds a little loopy to me.

    I think I'm ready. The more time I get, the better prepared I hope to be though. :-)

  3. I have not taken the doomsday thing very seriously. It not because I don't believe it - not necessarily. I just haven't stopped to think about it. Having said that, I expect to read your blog next week - from Heaven or from Earth.

  4. We are still here Nana Yaw, and I'll keep blogging.
    I feel a little bad (just a little) for the older ones that gave away their savings.

  5. The idiot has shifted it till Oct 21st..allegedly!

  6. Yes he has!
    And you can bet, Mena, that he will still have followers that believe nothing will happen to them between now and Oct 21st, when the good are seperated from the bad.