Tuesday, May 24, 2011


The little command of the english language I have gradually slips away the longer I stay outside of Gh's borders.
I am reminded of this when I use english words and Americans look at me like I made them up. (And I dont even look like Sarah "Refudiate" Palin)
For example:
loaf (of bread)

Do you remember any english words you have used, that stumped anyone that claimed english as their first language?

Time for some mischief:
If you live in the US and want to have some fun, greet people with "How do you do". You will laugh aaaaaaaaaaa


  1. hahahahahaha... I can imagine.
    Solution: say it with a British accent.

  2. LoL That sure will make it more fun.

  3. I just remembered another word; staples (as in basic food items). That's a word I wont bother myself with in this environment.

  4. hahahahahaha... I haven't heard that in ages. "the staple food of Ghanaians is fufu and palm nut soup" lol.
    You know what? I think we've been watching too many American movies and shows cos frankly, I haven't really heard some of these very British words in Gh in a while.