Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Oh no. I'm one of them!

I'm usually the sarcastic one when people ask off-chart questions. E.g. A friend sees you at the movies and asks "what are you doing here?".
Well, I had my turn last weekend.
I'm on the highway day-dreaming about the joy that comes with a long holiday weekend, when the flashing red & blue lights and siren of a highway patrol car jolts me back to earth.
Busted I was. Busted I was! Good God Almighty. Busted I was.
I knew I was speeding so I wasn't upset.
The lady officer walks up to my window and I start thinking "She looks like the officer that gave me a speeding ticket less than 10miles away, 3 weeks ago!"
Without asking permission from my brain, my mouth proceeded with this question before I could censor it:
"Were you the officer that cited me for speeding 3 weeks ago?"
She laughed a little as I buried my face in my hands.


  1. In that case she should have given you double tickets. LOL


  2. GeeeZ i have loads of catching up to DO!!!! gonna read `em all :)..hahahahah what a question to ask? sry about the tickets though.

  3. Yes Didi, you have some reading to do! LoL
    Thanks. I need to watch what my foot does with that accelerator pedal.

  4. Mena, I know!
    There I was confessing without interrogation.