Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hiccups Be Gone

How do you describe spicy food? Is it food with lots of different spices tastefully blended together?
Does spicy mean call-the-fire-department-cos-my mouth-is-on-fire!?
My sense of taste is not exactly on point so I wouldn't consider myself an appropriate judge in defining spicy.

On a good day, I'd go for any dish with a truckload of hot hot hot pepper in it. That to me, is spicy.
Sad part is, I get hiccups the moment the food goes down my throat.
That doesnt stop me though. I found a way to neutralize the hiccups without filling up my stomach with water.

Try this and let me know if it works.

When the hiccups start, time the interval between hiccups.
Brace yourself, hold your breath and keep still.
Hold on and do not hiccup.
Suppress 3 hiccups (or hold your breath as long as 3 hiccups would have lasted), and then exhale.
Hiccups should be gone.

Try not to tease me by describing the spicy food you tried this with.


  1. I hope it works for anyone that tries it.
    It will take a few attempts to get a hang of the "holding still" part, but I think its a skill worth having.

  2. Like seriously? (phrase I picked up from "Grey's Anatomy". I can just picture one of the doctors in there saying that to you after you tell them this). Well, you know I'm gon try it and give you feedback (It had better not kill me ooo...).

  3. Yeah. Really. LoL
    Are you kidding me? I'm about to patent this method. Watch real doctors line-up at my door for lessons. :-)

    You diee I know you. Don't be in a hurry to come tell me it doesn't work cos it really does when you get the breath-holding part down after a few tries.

  4. Unfortunately, I haven't had hiccups since I read this post.
    Do you have another formula for making them come? The spicy food doesn't work on me.

  5. @ Efua. i'm too nice to ask you to double-up on the pepper in your food. That would zap the air out of your mouth and start the hiccups for sure.