Monday, September 26, 2011


Watching a show on TV and these 5 friends have decided to keep a secret to protect one of them.
That had me wondering what secrets I might be keeping for others.
I couldn't recall any. Isn't that scary?
That's not a good sign because it could mean I don't know how to keep secrets. It might also mean nobody tells me their secrets.
I like the latter.

Telling someone something and expecting them to keep it to themselves is just not fair.
If you couldn't keep it to yourself, why expect the person to do so?

My excuse is that I have a terrible memory, although some friends say it is selective memory since I only remember the weirdest things instead of the important things I'm expected to remember.
I agree but don't tell any of them.


  1. perhaps you're not told because you can't keep. lol

    I agree. If you couldn't keep why should I keep. But it is in the keeping that makes us great friends. Sharing with your friend your secrets and trusting that he would keep it makes him a true friend.

  2. It's hard to remember what is classified info and what is not sometimes for me too. But there are times when I know that breaking trust would hurt someone or bring shame, and that kind of secret I don't tell. People need to touch base with a human, not become conversational fodder for humanity.

  3. I just found your blog and it's interesting! Yes, secrets are hard to even "identify". Personally, I think that the line between secrecy and privacy is very thin. Sometimes, letting out information about others may only expose their cherished privacy to outsiders. To add a bit to what you wrote, here's a post I made on secrets:

  4. @ Nana Fredua-Agyeman. I guess so! LoL
    I'm thinking about it now and I feel I would be hurt if I found out I let someone's secret out.

  5. @ Altheakale. I agree with you.
    One thing I know I won't ever do is write a tell-all book about any of my friends. That right there is betrayal in its clearest form. (Plus, whatever dirt I'd be dishing on, it is very likely I was right there in the mix with them anyway)

  6. Hello iamtruddy. Welcome & I'm glad you like this space. You have an open invitation here:-)
    I'm going to head over to your site to read your piece.