Monday, September 12, 2011

Miss Universe 2011

I'm rooting for you Erica!! (you know, because of the "I promise on my honour ... " thing. Go Ghana!).
However, there is something about Miss Venezuela's eyes.

My 3 picks:
Miss Venezuela, Miss Montenegro & Miss Ghana.


  1. I'm sure there's something about my eyes too. Miss Universe 2012, here I come!
    Wouldn't be surprised if Venezuela won though. I think they've won a couple of times, or was it Miss World? As for Gh, forget promising on your honour. I haven't seen the lady but I know Gh won't place. The closest I believe Gh came to winning was 1990 something with Akuba Cudjoe in the final 15 (that lady was good).

  2. @ Efua. I'm sure there's something about your eyes too. Was is you the man was looking at and ended up walking into a glass door the other day? :-))
    I'll be there waving a huuuuge Gh flag if you make it to the 2012 event. As a contestant of course!

    Yea, Ekuba was in the 1999 event. She did better than I expected. Erica just needs to make it to the final round. That is where all the action is! Those on-the-spot questions!
    This time around, if Miss Venezuela gets there, she'll take the tiara. They prep them very well out there.