Monday, September 12, 2011

Miss Angola Won!

Leila Lopes sashayed up that stage in Brazil & snatched the 2011 tiara!
You go girrrrl!
I had my money on Miss Venezuela but somehow lost track of her after the top 16 were picked. In my mind, I kept thinking Miss Angola is cute but she just doesn't stand out enough.
She sure showed me!! Her only competition was the highly confident Miss Brazil.
Leila school'd them with her answer to the final question.

"If you could change one of your personal characteristics, which one would it be and why?"

Leila's Answer:
"Thank God, I’m very well satisfied with the way God created me and I would not change a thing. I consider myself a woman with inner beauty. I have my principles. I have acquired many wonderful principles from my family and I plan to follow this through the rest of my life."

Yeah! Thats what I would have said too. :-)
Congrats Leila!

Now anyone ready for me to predict this weekend's winning lotto numbers?

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