Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Oh Yes He Was!

I usually hit this 4 mile stretch of traffic on my way out in the morning. It slows to a steady 40mph (about 65km/h).
Yesterday, I used up that time well in traffic when I pulled out a document I needed to review.
It went well: I had the document on the steering wheel, clasped on both sides with my hands.

So, I'm doing the same thing this morning. Same stretch of traffic.
I look over at the car next to me. This man is playing his guitar!! Driving & plucking strings.
With people like him on the road, I quickly put my document away!

I'm ashamed though. I shouldn't need the law to tell me I must have undivided attention when I drive.
No more document reviews whilst driving, for me.


  1. Why'd the guitar playing driving guy make you, document reading driving guy stop what you were doing? You should see me when I'm driving. Traffic or no traffic, I'm preparing my breakfast in the car and having it while I'm driving.
    Well, at least someone made you realise the folly of your ways (that's a good thing I guess).
    I probably need to see someone preparing banku or pounding fufu while driving to stop me doing what I do.

  2. Efua, please take a look at the road accident statistics in GH and consider, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.

  3. @ Efua. I'll be sure to only drive in Accra when you aren't out there behind a wheel.

    BTW, do women put on make-up whilst driving in Accra? I dont remember seeing that.

  4. Actually, when I'm done having my breakfast while driving, then I put on my make-up (you should see the number of stares I get).
    Can't really blame me, there's too much traffic in Accra. I get bored. Besides, can't do all that at home before leaving or I'll be late cos of the traffic.
    Thanks for the advice Gamel (I remember you from Legon and The Challenge). I'll take it into serious consideration.
    I am still trying to figure out how to do the dishes while driving so I can vary my breakfast menu. Tired of eating out of the box.

  5. haha, @Efua. SMH.

    I remember you too. All the best.